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Toughened Glass (Also known as Tempered Glass)

Toughened Safety Glass, commonly known as tempered glass is a safety glass which is 4-5 times stronger than the un-tempered glass and when broken will disintegrate into small cubes which will not cause any major injuries to humans or animals.

The Anneal glass (un-tempered) when broken consists of shards with pointed edges (sharp edges), which will cause fatal injury. Tempered Glass is used for Facades, Doors, Shower cubicles, Stair case railing, Canopy, Partitions, Windows, Table tops, Showcase, Freezer tops etc..


Insulated Glass Units (Double Glaze Units)

Insulated Glass is another product used in civil construction and refrigeration industry providing heat and sound insulation in addition to the safety and strength. Insulated Glass is commonly referred to as double glaze units. Double Glaze units are used for Windows, Partitions, Refrigeration doors etc..

Gurind Accor has exported over 500 container loads of Insulated Glass units to Refrigeration Manufacturers for Coca-cola & Pepsi Cola and supplied Tempered Glass and Double Glaze units to leading Hotels, Luxury Apartments, Commercial High Rise Buildings and Other Industries with Glass applications.

Solar Control Glass

Excess heat and glare caused by the sun can be a major source of discomfort in some indoor environments, especially those with glass roofs, conservatories or with large glazed areas.

The latest double glazing window solutions for solar control reflect and filter the sun’s rays, allowing natural daylight into the room, but without uncomfortable visual glare. Rooms can be kept cooler during sunny periods, reducing the need for air-conditioning. A variety of solar control glass solutions are available, depending on the level of solar control needed. The glass is manufactured by tinting and/or applying a metallic coating (see online and offline coatings). Online coating offers a greater range of performance and a more neutral appearance for solar protection glass.


What is double Glazed

Double glazing is made from two pieces of glass sealed together with an air space in between.A double glazed window sits in your window frame just as regular single glazing would,Specifically designed to reduce heat loss from homes and buildings,double glazing also performs many other benefits,including: sound proofing system

Double glazed is not a ready maid glass,according to the customer requirement and specification we are manufacturing.


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